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"Gear Reducer"소개
Gear Reducer(Speed Reducer)is a gear mechanism for reducing the speed of an input shaft by a certain ratio. Types of Gear Reducer include Planetary Gear Reducers, Cycloidal Drive Reducer, Worm Gear Reducer, Cylinder Gear Reducers, Bevel Gear Reducer, Spur Gear Reducer, Harmonic drive, Cycloidal drive, and Non-circular Gear Reducer. Heavy duty Gear Reducer usually is adapted for machinery speed control application.
"Gear Reducer"제조 업체
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High quality Spiral Bevel Gearbox Z-Series

Gear Reducer: High quality Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer
REDEX ANDANTEX (Ferrieres, France)
The Z-Series High quality Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer offers 7 different sizes, 6 model types, and 9 ratios, with various input-output arrangements including solid shaft or hollow bore options, as well as universal mounting capability. All of High quality Spiral Bevel Gear Reducers are made possible by a modular design concept that starts with a cubic housing.
제조업체 제공합니다 : Two Speed Gear Reducer, Planetary Gear Reducers, High quality Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer, Modular Gear Reducer, Turntable Gear Reducer.

two speed planetary gearboxes CE11, CE12

Gear Reducer: Two Speed Gear Reducer
Baruffaldi S.P.A. (Tribiano, Italy)
Baruffaldi has designed a wide range of two speed planetary gearboxes, in order to meet increasing demands coming from the market. Two speed gearboxes are commonly used on machine tools main spindles together with variable speed motors, aiming to extend constant power field offered by the motor and to increase torque at low speeds.
제조업체 제공합니다 : two speed planetary gearboxes.
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